The Biomechanics and Living Systems Analysis (BioLISYS) lab, located in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at Cyprus University of Technology, is a research group that combines interdisciplinary skills from engineering, biology and medicine to provide solutions to clinical problems associated with cardiovascular, cancer and other diseases.

The aims of our research are:

  • To develop innovative diagnostic, monitoring, therapeutic approaches and interventions for various diseases,
  • To study and assess the functionality of implants, devices and novel biomaterials,
  • To develop scaffolds that exhibit biomimetic physical and biological properties with the native target tissue,
  • To identify biological markers and mechanisms/pathways in disease development and peri-implant inflammatory response,
  • To use novel non-invasive imaging techniques to understand the dynamics of cellular mechanisms in cancer development and other inflammatory diseases,
  • To monitor tumor growth in animal cancer models and evaluate the response to innovative therapeutic strategies,
  • To study the fluid dynamics of blood using in vivo and in vitro modeling with experimental and computational techniques.