Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering is a multidisciplinary field, aiming towards regenerating or replacing disordered and malfunctioned tissues or organs. This field is based on the ability of the cells to adhere, migrate, proliferate and metabolize to a specific tissue in vivo and in vitro. In addition, a synthetic and/or biological biomaterial, known as scaffold, is used to provide the cells with a three-dimensional structure for the cells to be seeded within their structure and apply their physiological/biological ability.

The BioLISYS laboratory is mainly focused on developing novel scaffolds that exhibit biomimetic physical and biological properties with the native target tissue (soft and connective tissues) and has the expertise and equipment to:

  • Synthesize and fabricate complex structure scaffolds
  • Characterize the scaffold’s physical properties (microstructure, macro- and micro-mechanical properties, degradation rate etc.)
  • Characterize the scaffold’s biological properties (in vitro cell culture, in vivo animal testing etc.)
  • Design scaffolds for drug delivery applications using nanoparticles