Preclinical Testing

Need a research partner to help with your preclinical research projects?

The BioLISYS lab and its researchers bring significant resources and experience in preclinical research projects through successful collaborations with worldwide recognized Universities, local SMEs and the biotech industry. Areas of expertise include:

  • Development of animal (murine) models of disease
  • Biocompatibility testing
  • Tissue and organ removal
  • Toxicity assays – Hemolysis test
  • Apoptotic studies
  • Testing pharmaceutical formulations
  • Testing dose-response relationships
  • Molecular pathway investigation
  • Minimally invasive optical techniques for in vivo imaging that help to answer important biological questions, such as:
    • In vivo monitoring of cell trafficking in circulation
    • Imaging of vasculature and microenvironment in tissue
    • Interaction of cells with microenvironment