Cancer Research

Our group utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities in order to research and develop diagnostic biomarkers and modalities, novel therapeutic targets and drug delivery applications that will have significant impact in the oncology field. Thus, the group provides a base for research collaborations among academia, clinics, industry and government with the ultimate goal of providing solutions to improve the lives of cancer patients.

Our focus concentrates on:

  • Promotion of translational research in Oncology;
  • New technologies, innovative treatments and recent advances in cancer patient management;
  • In vitro and ex vivo testing for cancer applications in a range of cancer types including: breast, lung, prostate, colon etc.
  • In vivo tumor model development (xenografts and orthotopic) including breast-to-brain metastasis model, prostate cancer, gastric cancers etc.
  • PDX models developed directly from implantation of surgical, biopsy, or circulating tumour cell specimens into immune‐incompetent mice;
  • 3D organoid assay;
  • Preclinical cancer models to validate assays with tissues obtained directly from patients for tumour characterization
  • Proof‐of‐mechanism and pharmacodynamic studies;
  • Molecular monitoring of therapeutic response or the development of resistance;
  • Correlation with clinical observations based on imaging studies, pharmacokinetic evaluations, and assessments of toxicity.